Why Social Media Is Growing Fast In Brazil

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From the year 2014, Brazil has been titled as the fourth largest internet market. Even though Brazil has the fourth largest number of internet users worldwide, it has been ranked as 64th in the internet penetration for countries in the world. Since the year 2015, Brazil has up to 5.1 percent internet users. Brazil is ahead of China, India, the United States of America, when it comes to user base size.

Why Social Media Is Growing Fast In Brazil


You will be surprised to know that logging onto Facebook from Brazil was such a rare thing until the year 2009 came, the user numbers were not even measurable. But this is not the case at the moment. Brazil has outnumbered other countries with the largest user bases. In the year 2011, Brazil experienced an increase of 192 percent with new visitors on the famous social media platform, Facebook. This happened in December, between the years 2010 and 2011. Brazil has currently the third largest users of Facebook. But the question that arises is that what made people choose Facebook. It is believed that the complaints related to the fact that Orkut is undergoing lack of functionality forced its users to switch to Facebook. The Orkut had lack of functionality such as limiting the number of the friend you can add, making it difficult to share pictures or even discussion threads. Some credit also goes to the movie named “The Social Network”. It has been analyzed that most of the Facebook users are aged below 24 and it is expected that the number will further increase as more young people join Facebook. An analysis shows that Facebook users are mostly limited to cities, for example, 34 percent of Brazilian Facebook users are from São Paulo and 12 percent are from Rio de Janeiro.

Google+ and LinkedIn

When it comes to the growth of social media platforms in Brazil, Google+ and LinkedIn are also discussed simultaneously. This is because both of these platforms are growing quickly in Brazil with more number of followers. In the year 2011 on November, Google organized Brazil’s first official hangout. Since that year, Brazil has become the country with the third largest Google+ users. Brazil is still behind the United States, even though with just a 5 percent difference between both countries. The United States has almost 31.5 percent of the Google+ users. The Portuguese version of LinkedIn was introduced in 2010, and an office in São Paulo followed in 2011, this was the time when they reached about 6 million Brazilians using the site.


Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms. Twitter is used by celebrities as well as common people. Twitter has about 33.3 million users situated in Brazil. This makes Brazil with the second highest number of users of Twitter in the world. Brazil is leading Japan and U.K. Twitter is growing very quickly, especially in Brazil, where there is round about 40 percent of an increase in user numbers every year.

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