Telegram 5.7 Enhances Privacy, Improving Group and Channels Features

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From this month Telegram improving their security regarding group and channels features. Here in below, you can see Play Store changes logs updated by Telegram.

  • Choose who can see your phone number in Privacy & Security settings.
  • Add groups to “Always/Never Share” exceptions in privacy settings. Permissions will get updated as users leave and join the groups.
  • Enjoy improved design when confirming actions, searching for messages and adding users to groups.
  • Connect a discussion group to your channel.
  • View any public channel, even without a Telegram account.
  • Seamlessly integrate bots with web services.

Telegram Update Features

Now you can control who can see your phone numbers, whether it’s your contacts, no one, or a whitelist.

Another big change they made you can people in a group but when you share something there, you can control who can see your post.

Bots have also gotten some love, with full, seamless web integration. This means you can use one to log in to some services with Telegram when you tap a link, meaning you can be logged in by the time the webpage loads. The possibilities are nigh endless.

Telegram X
Telegram X
Developer: Telegram LLC
Price: Free

If you’re a big fan of the channel and group features, they’re finally crossing each other’s borders, meaning that channels can have discussions and groups have big announcements. Seems so simple, right? Channel subscribers will see a “Discuss” button below the main feed, which will show them the latest post and any comments. And speaking of channels, you no longer need a Telegram account to view public ones.

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