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Chinese company DO Global were reported Cheetah developers for fraudulent activities, abusing taking permission and clicking ads without users permission to generate fake impressions.

That is the reason Google take down their two apps ES File Explorer and QuickPic gallery app. Even Google Play.

A few years ago you guys know ES File Explorer most popular file manager on Android device.

Since then, its popularity has only plummeted with users moving to other alternatives like the FX File Explorer, MiXplorer, or Solid Explorer.

The ES File Explorer was attributed to the developer “ES Global,” it appears to be listed on the official website of “Du Global” – a subsidiary of DO Global, which is facing Google’s wrath for misusing app permissions. So, this removal appears to be in line with Google’s actions against the Chinese giant. Notably, ES Global has been removed from the Play Store as well.

Before the ban, DO Global had around 100 apps on the Play Store, most of which do not clearly indicate being owned by the developer, and a total of 600 million installs, jointly. Nearly half of these have been removed and DO Global has also admitted to finding irregularities in the way its apps use the AdMob functionality. But in spite of being one of the most repulsive actions against any developer in the history of Android, it feels like apps owned by DO Global – such as the ES File Explorer – might return to the Play Store with necessary adjustments.


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