Oppo Shows off A Foldable Phone

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This year foldable devices are the new craze. Recently Samsung introduces their Galaxy Fold, and one thing is very clear that we are just a few months away from to get the foldable device on our hand.

Other side Chinese companies are working hard to perfect foldable device and they are trying luck in the market. In these two months of January and February, we have already seen the one device from Xiaomi, which is now a prototype stage. Samsung shows off Galaxy Fold even Huawei shows already.

As same as the same design of Huawei Mate X, Oppo creates their foldable phone. Oppo also told device maybe not produce in large scale because this technology is now nascent stage.

But at present, it looks as if other manufacturers are happy watching how the market unfolds. If things go well for Samsung and Huawei, expect a lot more foldables entering the market next year.

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