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How to Hide Second Tick in Whatsapp

hide whatsapp second tick

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In recent years, the WhatsApp messaging app is grabbing the attention of people for its great features hidden in it. It is the application which helps its users to do instant messaging. Well, communication is easy when you handle this application on your device. By using this amazing application, it is easy for users to make text chats, video conversation, sharing documents and media files, etc. This thing makes the application more popular among daily instant messaging users. Now, the question has been raised among millions of people like how to hide second tick.

Yes, if the second tick appears, then your recipient will receive your files or texts. This is what the indications that we get to know when it comes to the second tick. Also, once the second tick appears, it turns blue after viewing it. So, this thing will be easy for the people to identify the receivers have already viewed your texts. However,  not all the time where people are accessing WhatsApp. So, at this stage, people use to hide a second tick from identifying like received and viewed after the blue tick appears. But still, by hiding the second tick, you can see the texts or files received which will not show to senders that you have viewed already.

Is it possible to hide second tick?

Nowadays, most of the users are utilizing this feature and stay away from viewing list of senders. If you are loathe king forward to hiding second tick, then it is possible with some of the settings by following it. It is possible with the support of the modded version of this messaging application like this app. It also mainly comes up with different features. Let’s have a look at some of the steps when you are looking to hide second tick.


Steps to hide WhatsApp second tick

  • First of all, the user should open the application and visit the settings to tap three dots available on the top right corner.
  • Now, it is necessary for the user to tap on the option Account.
  • Make sure to click on privacy and go ahead with the option “Read Receipt.”
  • After doing this thing, then the senders will not get the double tick even after you read his/her message.

Another method

  • Once installed GB WhatsApp, which is another modded version, it is necessary to visit the settings.
  • After the above process is completed, you need to tap on the option “Privacy” and choose the option “Second tick.”
  • You can now disable it and make others don’t get double tick after sending the messages to you.

Wrapping up

So, people who all are struggling and searching for the right ways to hide the second tick for a long time, then the above-discussed methods would be helpful for all the seekers in general. As per your wish and convenience, you can pick any one of the ways and choose the option to hide double ticks that whenever needs.

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