FireFox 67 Bringing Tor’s Anti-Fingerprinting Technique Called ‘Letterboxing’

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Mozilla is now preparing for bringing Tor’s anti-fingerprinting technique which means ‘Letterboxing’ to protects against window-size related fingerprinting for profiling and tracking users.

This technique mainly used by advertising networks to fully or partially identify individual users or devices, and it works even when the cookies are turned off.

What is ‘Letterboxing’

‘Letterboxing’  adds gray spaces to the sides of the web page whenever a user resizes the browser window and removes after the resize operation is over.

So basically in case, any user uses this feature letterboxing delays the loading of the actual content on the newly-resize window.

This technique was developed by Tor Browser in 2015, and this feature is now currently available in Firefox Nightly.

How to use letterboxing?

so users will first have to turn it from the about:config page where they need to find “privacy.resistFingerprinting” through the search box and then set the anti-fingerprinting features to “true.”

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