Facebook Silently Collecting Users Call Logs

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Again Facebook caught to collect users call logs silently without any notification to users. Facebook’s app permission being designed to gather users call logs without users knowing.

Now one big question coming out is a privacy risk. Including permission associated with reading call logs and SMS.

According to the search security,

“Facebook’s history of privacy is one of a continued unnecessary collection, such as when they changed your contact card on your phone to use a Facebook email address as the default email address. That is not okay,” van der Stock said. “People willingly upload a great deal of information, so they can stay in touch with their families and friends, but many don’t realize just how much metadata and actual data they are sharing. I am a Facebook user, and I do know the risks, but I would imagine most don’t. I would love for Facebook to improve their transparency in this matter.”

Source: searchsecurity

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