[Exclusive] Hongmeng OS Named “Ark OS” Confirmed

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Huawei preparing their own OS from 2017, and now news heard from China they registered their operating system in China. Huawei CEO Yu Chengdong said that “Huawei is researching its own operating system, and it will be available in the fall of this year and at the latest next spring”

Hongmeng as Ark OS?

In China the all-new developed operating system known as Hongmeng OS and another side of countries known as Ark OS. 

Why It’s Called Ark OS?

The meaning of Ark in the Bible means Noah’s Ark, which means “opening a new era”.

Is Hongmeng OS Based on Android?

According to a report from various sources “Hongmen is not a branch or modified version of Android. It is a brand new and independent operating system based on 5G Internet of Things.”

In future Huawei Matebook powered by Hongmeng OS which is based on Linux, they choose Linux because Linux is an open source environment easy to use for developers.

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Hongmeng OS Support Android App

This system is also based on Linux development optimization, the basic and Android homology, the software must also be compatible with the current market Android applications, and to do multi-end unified.

Hongmeng OS or Ark OS Launch Date

The Huawei Hongmeng system will be launched as soon as the end of this year. The news released next month is not true.

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