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About Us

We are a technological blog that aims to provide the latest tech info that includes the latest news, How-tos, reviews, and some more interesting tech articles.

You will find unbiased reviews of gadgets and we mean it. Our main aim is to provide clean and detailed information to our readers.

About Members

Manjoy, Prasenjit  are the founders of inc49.com, We have done Engineering and B.Sc. we are passionate about technology and likes to test gadgets and review custom ROMs In spare time, both of us likes to read technology blogs, sharing thought about technology and always in search of new tricks.

inc49 is a technology blog where you will find detailed concepts along with in-depth buying guide and reviews of a wide variety of gadgets like smartphones, Tablets or Laptops.

We Promise ” You will never find any paid biased reviews here on Inc49.com

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