3D Light Printer Can Print Materializes Object

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After the invention of 3D printers users, life has changed because, before a development, an engineer can design a prototype. But most of these printers have a limitation. They built objects one by one or layer by layer.

This printer can print build project all at once, by projecting a video through a jar of light-sensitive resin.

Its very complicated if I started to explain it. So it better than Berkeley’s Hayden Taylor, who led the research:

Basically, you’ve got an off-the-shelf video projector, which I literally brought in from home, and then you plug it into a laptop and use it to project a series of computed images, while a motor turns a cylinder that has a 3D-printing resin in it.

Obviously, there are a lot of subtleties to it — how you formulate the resin, and, above all, how you compute the images that are going to be projected, but the barrier to creating a very simple version of this tool is not that high.

Light printing is not new, many devices use lasers to emitted light on a harden thing.

Image: UC Berkeley

Most of the color used printing technology messed-up but here resin totally reusable, but the advantages are compelling enough that it will almost certainly be pursued in parallel with other techniques.

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